The staff at ASRM is comprised of some of the most committed and brilliant minds in the field of security and risk management. Highly trained and undisputed leaders in their specialties, our team is always ready and prepared to undertake tasks in the local region or overseas. Our executive staff members are always up-to-date with the latest training techniques and technologies, as well as the most current legal issues, operational methods, cultural diversity and communication skills. They are also required to maintain their personal fitness capacity at optimum levels at all times. We ensure that all of our team members undergo vigorous qualification measures to ensure that the standards of employability are continually maintained. These include:

• Currency of licenses and certification
• Employment history and reference verification
• Criminal background checks

Each and every one of our operational duties are handled by our own in-house staff in conjunction with a master team of subcontractors. All team members have been thoroughly screened and trained to work under the same rigid standards of quality control that ASRM adheres to. Our completely integrated team is continuously advised and educated in the latest trends in the security and risk management industry. We also pay special attention to ensure that our team is trained in cultural, social, religious, political and gender diversity issues, and require that all staff members and clients are treated with the maximum levels of respect and consideration. We have a 24-hour management command center that ensures our clients and on-duty staff members will always have immediate access to our operations team. The management command center was designed to make sure that all relevant, critical and new information is immediately available, so that our staff members are ready and prepared to make quick and effective decisions as the need arises.