Whenever there is a high volume of daily pedestrian traffic within office buildings or other public areas, there is always an increased risk of serious security threats. The appropriate security and risk assessment procedures, in conjunction with highly skilled security personnel, can significantly help to prevent these types of incidents.

In specific areas like elevators, lobbies, stairways, parking lots and office reception, ASRM will implement invaluable security plans designed to protect a broad range of building structures including office complexes, high-rise condominium and apartment buildings, and other types of corporate business sites. Our team is highly trained to provide your business with security contingency plans that are designed to precise specifications; always careful to adhere to your budget limitations, unique business requirements, and the most rigorous standards of security and risk management.

ASRM is fully prepared to manage the unique security problems that high-rise office buildings and complexes encounter on a daily basis. A vast array of potential issues is always on the horizon, including fire prevention, security personnel, safety contingency plans, and the constant need to monitor and protect all staff and assets, as well as deterring crime and reducing overall security risks. All ASRM security personnel bestow solid industry credentials and take no shortcuts in providing protection within the constantly changing environment of corporate security. This includes uniformed, covert and investigatory tactical teams.

You can count on us to provide you with:

• Pedestrian traffic control
• Internal and employee theft control
• Internal equipment protection
• Key access control
• Emergency security notification system including terrorist attack and evacuation protocols
• Visitor control, cleaning personnel, visiting technicians, and after hours access
• Mail room security and administration
• Prevention of industry espionage
• Compliance auditing