ASRM offer a full service delivery of trained Security Personal for the construction Industry.

We understand the investment that is out laid on construction projects therefore companies expect more therefore we offer more than simple lip service to protect your investment.

Available for short or long term deployments, ASRM will implement effective security solutions for your business.

We will develop and Implement tailored security procedures to compliment your current systems to achieve optimum security coverage.

Peace of mind knowing we are watching over your investment. Our guards aren’t asleep in cars!

Throughout non-operational times, our onsite presence will assist in securing the premises to mitigate any potential security breaches.

Why choose us over the competition??

We provide;

  • Uniformed Security staff that are available 24 hours per day.
  • A full 24 hour operational command centre
  • All of our staff are multi skilled and can adapt to environment changes
  • We invest in training and upskilling of our staff
  • All staff have white card & First Aid training. We can also offer trained traffic controllers if required
  • We tailor processes specific to the site so to achieve maximum protection, security & safety for all stake holders
  • We use a point to point system to track guards patrols which assists clients with site auditing
  • Provide daily or weekly reports to site management regarding any incidents