ASRM is committed and dedicated to the continuing education of our staff, our team of subcontractors, and all new recruits to our organisation. It is our goal to be the most efficient risk and security management firm in the industry, and we believe that our success begins with our unsurpassed team of tactical security officers who truly take pride in their profession and thoroughly enjoy their chosen line of work. Perhaps more than any industry, the values of trust, confidence, and strong work ethic are of the utmost importance in security environment. Our team understands the importance of forging the bonds that will help them work together seamlessly under all sorts of conditions. Staff members at ASRM are encouraged to view their positions as much more than just a “job”. It is a career and lifestyle choice that demands the highest level of commitment and determination. Some of the many training options that we offer through our Registered Training Organization (RTO) include:

Certificate II & III in Security Operations
Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
Responsible Service of Gaming (RSG)
Armed Robbery Awareness (Includes Drug Affected Persons)
Conflict Management (Dealing with Stress)
Food Handlers SITXOH002A
Dealing with Aggressive People
Screen Baggage and People
First Aid
CPR Refresher
Traffic Stop Slow Bat
Traffic Management Plan
White Card
Front Door Management
Security Supervisor training
Workplace Bullying
Concert & Event Barrier Training
Carpark Management & Safety
Patron Care
Customer Service
Sexual Harassment in Licensed and Non Licensed premises
Respect and Responsibility policy
Crime Scene Awareness
Counter Terrorism
Staff Proactive & Self Awareness classes (certificate of attainment)

Some of the unique topics that are covered include:
• Surveillance and monitoring of parking lots and other areas for vehicle
• How to deal with children or pets who have been left unattended in vehicles
• Patron awareness and analysis
• Building trust and confidence in the midst of hostile and/or volatile
• Identifying and confronting suspicious behaviours
• Identifying and addressing money laundering schemes and other
white-collar crime activity
• Coordinating with local, state and federal emergency service personnel
• Self-defence training

All training material is specifically tailored towards relevant industries and courses are conducted in such a way to boost the participants’ ability to comprehend and retain information. Our participants’ physical size or strength are not considered relevant to the effectiveness of skills taught, and all courses can be held on-site at your location if requested.